Arabic Maqam / Turkish Makam and Influences on Flamenco

Date and time: Thursday, June 4 or Thursday, June 11, 2020, 5 to 6 pm Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

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Welcome to our Virtual Flamenco Singing School “iam-flamenco”. We are offering high-quality online classes at low prices!

Introduction to Arabic Maqam / Turkish Makam and Byzantine Modes

  • Main Families
  • Tuning
  • Basic structure of maqam

How this way of melodic development is strongly connected with Flamenco

In what form do we find Maqam/ Makam and Byzantine Modes in Flamenco

Free improvisation (taqasim – taksim)

No knowledge of makam system is necessary to attend this workshop. … Since practice is more important than theory, it is strongly suggested whoever is interested in this workshop to bring their either equally tempered or microtonal … string or wind instrument or just … tune up your vocal chords!!

All the times refer to Western European Time (Amsterdam/Berlin)

This class is part of the program of our virtual flamenco singing school “iam-flamenco” and it can be combined with the rest of the classes, for a fee of €140.

  • Vocal flamenco singing technique with Alba Guerrero
  • Flamenco singing repertoire with Rafael de Utrera
  • Flamenco Rhythms / Singing with Yota Baron
  • Arabic music in flamenco with Anastasia Zachariadou
  • Flamenco palmas for beginners/palmas for accompanying flamenco dance by Claudia Karapanou

More info by email.

Anastasia Zachariadou

In 1998 she got her flute diploma in Thessaloniki/Greece.

She studied “polyphonic flute and acoustics” with Istvan Matuz at Corvin University (Budapest).

At the same time, she expands her music studies in Greek and Arabic traditional music by studying Qanun (Kanun) in Greece and the US.

She graduates in 2003 from Berklee College of Music – Department of Music Performance / Flute in Boston.

Anastassia also apprenticed next to Emilio Lyons (2002-2007) “repairing and manufacturing woodwinds”.

In the US she was taught flute and Kanun and she also participated in touring concerts and recordings.

In 2014, she completed her postgraduate studies at the Technical University of Istanbul, Department of Kanun performance with Halil Karaduman. From 2009-2017 she studied Kanun at the University of Macedonia and she has collaborated with renowned musicians from the Greek, Turkish and Egyptian traditional music scene. Since 2016 she is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In 2017 she created, together with two more friends and great musicians, a Flamenco Arabe trio called “Bahari/Flamenco Arabe”, where she sings and plays the flute and the qanun.

In September 2019 she founded the company “The Music Fabrica” which specializes in woodwind repairs, courses/ workshops, music education software development and sound recordings.

In 2019 she started teaching Turkish and Arabic Makam at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and in 2020 she releases the “Maqam/Makam – Mode” APP for iOS and Android.

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