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Building Muslim-Jewish Solidarity through Calligraphy

Please join us on Thursday, April 2, from 12 noon to 1:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time (North America) for Building Muslim-Jewish Solidarity through Calligraphy!

About this Event

In this interactive discussion, we will dive into the rich visual worlds of Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy. Through historical, spiritual, theological, linguistic and artistic lenses, we will discover the parallels between both languages. Looking at the significance of Arabic in Islam and Hebrew in Judaism, as well as the close linguistic relationship between the two Semitic tongues, we will explore the ways in which Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy can be used in interfaith community-building.

This will be a Zoom event, please make sure to download Zoom to your device.

For any questions please contact info@muslimjewishsolidarity.org [2].

About the workshop facilitator: Ruben Shimonov is an educator, community builder and social innovator based in New York City. Born in Uzbekistan, Ruben belongs to the native Persian-speaking Jewish population of Central Asia. This community – the Bukharian Jews – have lived alongside their Muslim neighbors for 1,300 years, engaging in cultural and intellectual interactions. Given his background, Ruben possesses a strong passion for Muslim-Jewish community building. He has brought this interest to his academic, professional and community leadership work, including his involvement with the Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee where he currently serves as the director of educational experiences and programming. His interest in Muslim-Jewish interfaith engagement has also informed his artistic work, inspiring him to create multilingual calligraphy that juxtaposes and weaves together Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian. He uses his passion for Islamic and Jewish calligraphy to create dynamic interfaith workshops that engage participants in experiential learning, group exploration and relationship building.

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