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Celebrating Birthdays for Lonely Elderly

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About 80% of the elderly in Israel experience loneliness. Every fourth senior lives below the poverty line. If you are an optimistic person with good energy, come share your gift with the elderly who need you.

As part of the “Birthday Patrol” for lonely seniors, we will go as a group through several houses (in the same neighborhood) and celebrate a birthday (through the window or in a nearby garden) for seniors who marked their birthday in the last month and had no one to celebrate with.

We will sing to them, dance with them a little, give a small birthday gift and make them happy.

Your arrival to the volunteering activity is independent. Therefore, if you are coming by car, we would appreciate if you could update us so we can help other volunteers arrive.

***Spots are limited due to space limitations, so pre-registration in advance is necessary***

***The volunteering activities are aimed for volunteers 18-35 years of age***

Please note that while OneDay is all about come when you want and how you want, if you do sign up for our events we please ask that you reserve that part of your day for us.

Within 4 days before the event you will receive a confirmation email approving your registration as long as the spots have not all been taken.

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