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Chag Habanot: A North African Hanukkah Celebration of Women

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Join JIMENA and the Mizrahi Dance Archive for an online North African celebration of Chag Habanot, Eid Al Banat on Thursday, December 17th.

Chag Habanot is a holiday celebrated by Mizrahi communities on Rosh Chodesh Tevet. The festival, which takes place during Hanukkah, honors the story of the Jewish heroine Judith and the important role of women in Jewish life. It is customary to sing, dance, and light the night’s menorah candle in honor of women.

Lala Tamar, a world-renowned Israeli singer, will be streaming a concert from Morocco accompanied by local female musicians, Hind Ennaira. Lala is known for her bold and feminine style where she incorporates her Moroccan roots and the ancient Judeo-Spanish language of Haketia.

Jackie Barzvi will be leading us in celebratory dance to Jewish Moroccan music. Jackie is a professional Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) instructor and performer based in North Carolina who recently created the Mizrahi Dance Archive. To learn more about the Mizrahi Dance Archive visit: https://www.mizrachidancearchive.com [3].