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Challenging Militarized Responses in the Time of Corona: An International Feminist Teach-In

Two Virtual Sessions: Friday & Saturday, April 24-25

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See local start times below.

Friday, April 24 Session:

14:00 Hawai’i; 17:00 PDT; 20:00 US East Coast and PR; April 25: 08:00 Philippines; 09:00 South Korea and Japan; 10:00 Guahan/Guam.

We will hear from the Intl Women’s Network against Militarism: Alma Bulawan & Elisa Ebrole (Philippines), Suzuyo Takazato & Kozue Akibayashi (Okinawa/Japan), Lisa Natividad (Guahan/Guam), Maria Reinat-Pumarejo (Puerto Rico), Ellen-Rae Cachola & Tina Grandinetti (Hawai’i) and Youkyoung Ko & Joyce Kim (South Korea). This session takes a detailed look at the situation in Asia, Pacific region and Puerto Rico, particularly focused on the US military presence.

Saturday, April 25 Session:

07:00 PDT; Guatemala City: 08:00; Mexico City: 09:00; NYC: 10:00; CET: 16:00; Jerusalem: 17:00; Karachi: 19:00

Features: Vanessa Thompson (Germany), Emma Leslie (Cambodia), Randa Siniora (Palestine), Maria Rashid (Pakistan), Pregs Govender (South Africa), TBA (Latin America).

Co-Sponsored and organized by the Global Fund for Women, Global University for Sustainability, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance; Just Associates; PeaceWomen across the Globe; Urgent Action Fund; Kyoto Doshisha University Feminist Gender Sexuality Studies Center.