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Coptic Queer Stories: Interactive Toolkit with Mena Kamel

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Mena Kamel is a first-generation Egyptian American writer, researcher, designer, and visual artist from California and the founder of Coptic Queer Stories, an online magazine covering gender, sexuality, race, and religion that highlights the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals in the Coptic diaspora. Coptic Queer Stories is composed of several branches that work towards the magazine’s mission to share and preserve Coptic stories, create a supportive and educational meeting and organizing space for queers, and broaden the notion of Coptic identity.

Overall, Mena’s cultural work explores identity, sex, mainstream language, codified power relationships, and the notion of home. On July 24th, Mena brings his creative, design-based approach to the Marginalized Majority for our most participatory session yet, titled Coptic Queer Stories: Interactive Toolkit with Mena Kamel. In this hybrid-format and highly visual workshop, Mena Kamel will grace us with several inspiring stories: his own, what inspired the creation of Coptic Queer Stories, and some of his favorite anecdotes from the magazine. Mena will lead participants through a series of visually-oriented, collaborative prompts that invite us all to consider and claim our own narratives.

Join us July 24th at 6:30pm EDT for this pilot collaboration between Marginalized Majority and Mena Kamel of Coptic Queer Stories. Let’s explore, consider, and create together!

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