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Welcome to EUPIDS’ Refreshers’ week event: an Icebreaker Quiz and Discussion Circle.

About this Event

Join us for an interactive quiz and light-hearted debate to get to know everyone, followed by a casual discussion about everything Palestine-Israel in a fun and relaxed setting. The perfect opportunity to meet the committee, make new friends and find out how you can get involved!


The Edinburgh University Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue Society (EUPIDS) provides a nonpartisan platform for students and staff of the University of Edinburgh to discuss their personal experiences, cultural identities and political views in relation to Palestine and/or Israel.

The Edinburgh University Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue Society (EUPIDS) was founded in 2018 to create an alternative to the polarized discussions that often divide campuses. Often conversations about such issues are divisive, and we create a space where people can engage in discussions about them; expressing their views and hearing opinions they may otherwise have not been aware of. Our purpose is to break down echo chambers, providing an alternative to the dichotomy that has been created and allowing for more nuanced and respectful conversations.

EUPIDS has managed to transform a discussion about a particular region into an inclusive and engaging platform for students and staff with a multitude of personal backgrounds and academic interests. Uniquely at Edinburgh, EUPIDS membership and participation in events are completely free to ensure that the discussions are open to all.

EUPIDS provides its members with a wide range of thought-provoking events and a supportive community. In recognition of its impact, it has received the 2020 EUSA Outstanding Society Award. It has managed to break down barriers to involve widening circles of staff, students, and UK cities – providing a beacon to all that such inclusive and proactive discussions are both possible and highly valuable.