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EVP Feeding Poor, Elderly in Israel

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Israel is doubling every two days; this trend is only expected to continue.

The government has taken extreme measures to preserve citizens’ lives.

Israel is in a mandatory lockdown and millions of people are confined to their homes.

As a result, Israel’s most needy populations – its poor and elderly – are being financially stretched further and many cannot adequately provide food for their families. This includes Holocaust survivors.

For emergency situations just like this, the Emergency Volunteers Project has previously invested in developing mobile kitchens that can provide thousands of fresh meals. In close coordination with the Israeli government and municipalities, EVP is preparing to deploy this asset to feed Israel’s needy in this unprecedented crisis.

Every dollar you contribute will go directly to fund the preparation and distribution of these meals.

Please help us show them that they are not alone, that, even when the world is in crisis, people of faith and of compassion are still willing to help.

If we don’t help them, their suffering will be multiplied and they may go hungry. Open up your hearts and show them that they are not alone!

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