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Frontlines: Land and the Climate Crisis

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An online roundtable with three leading climate activists that explores land and the climate crisis.

About this event

Land both contributes and is affected by climate change. It is the frontlines of the climate crisis where livelihoods, resources and inherited knowledge are fought for against industrial extraction, the militarism of imperial ventures, and colonialism’s erasure of indigenous epistemologies. This conversation asks how land is central to efforts to both deepen and circumvent the crisis?

For this next #ReconstructionWork event the Stuart Hall Foundation will welcome three leading climate activists: Abeer Butmeh , Hamza Hamouchene and Sam Siva to share their experiences, imaginings and reflections around land and the climate crisis.

This event will take place online and closed captions will be provided.

Supported by Arts Council England.


Abeer M. Butmeh, is water and environmental engineer, currently, she is the coordinator of PENGON-Foe Palestine. She is a leading woman activist in Palestine and an alliance of environmental justice organizations in Palestine. Abeer works closely with affected communities, the youth sector and with local government councils in addressing the environmental problems faced by the Palestinian people.  She has various skills in campaigning, coordination, communication and facilitation between deferent bodies with more than 10 years’ experience in this area. She has strong skills in institutional development, monitoring and evaluation procedures, financial management, program and project management, and procurement procedures. She is a researcher in different environmental topics mainly in water and climate change, she is a trainer in different environmental subjects; water, wastewater and environmental issues. She also is an active member in many Social and environmental networks at local and international levels.

Dr Hamza Hamouchene is a London-based Algerian researcher-activist, commentator and a founding member of Algeria Solidarity Campaign (ASC), Environmental Justice North Africa (EJNA) and the North African Food Sovereignty Network (NAFSN). He is currently the North Africa Programme Coordinator at the Transnational Institute (TNI). His work is focused on issues of extractivism, resources, land and food sovereignty as well as climate, environmental, and trade justice in North Africa. He is the author/editor of two books: “The Struggle for Energy Democracy in the Maghreb” (2017) and The Coming Revolution to North Africa: The Struggle for Climate Justice (2015). He also contributed book chapters to various books including “A Region in Revolt: Mapping the Recent Uprisings in North Africa and West Asia” (2020), “The Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism” (2016) and “Voices of Liberation: Frantz Fanon” (2014). His other writings have appeared in Africa Is A Country, the Guardian, Middle East Eye, Counterpunch, New Internationalist, Jadaliyya, openDemocracy, ROAR magazine, Pambazuka, Nawaat, El Watan and the Huffington Post.

Sam Siva is a writer, grower and organiser with Land In Our Names and the Right to Roam campaign. They are passionate about liberation through healing, creativity and collaboration.

Orsod Malik (Chair)

Orsod is a UK-based Sudanese digital archivist, curator, editor and content producer. He is the founder of @code__switch, an archive/continuum of radical internationalism. His research focuses on shifting peripheral histories to the centre by drawing links between anticolonial struggles and thought across space and time. He is currently the Archivist-in-Resident at the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD), a curator at the International Curators Forum (ICF), and the SHF’s Digital Content Curator.