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German Webinar: What’s Going on in Syria?

On Wednesday, March 25, from 5 to 7:30 pm (in Germany, UTC+01), academy – isc will host a DIGITAL_Zoom-Webinar (in German) on what’s happening in Syria.

Register here [1].

Given the current situation in Syria, it is not easy to get an idea and take a position. The connections between conflicting concerns, regional and international opponents and alliances are too complex. The interests of those involved drift extremely apart and it seems extremely difficult to even come close to a compromise solution. The main question here is who, in what form, could take responsibility in order to relax the situation and prevent further escalations. Our lecturer, who is originally from Syria, gives you a helpful overview and orientation knowledge about the situation in Syria.


What is the current situation – what are the origins of the conflicts and how have the fronts shifted?

What is the health situation of the refugees and what else needs to be considered here?

In what form and why have the influences of the major international powers changed and what does this mean for the role of European countries like Germany?

What approaches are conceivable to develop scenarios that could help to steer the local situation in at least a less dangerous direction?

If you attend this seminar, you will gain an in-depth overview of the historical, political, social and religious origins and their development in Syria. and you will be better able to assess the reasons for the current conflict.

Participants will be given a lot of space for questions, discussion and exchange on this important and moving topic.