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Global Prayer for Israel and Virtual Pilgrimage

Date and time: Saturday, October 10, 2020, 12 noon to Sunday, October 11, 2020, 1 am, Israel Daylight Time (UTC+3).

Register here [1].

The Genesis 123 Foundation launched the first-ever grassroots Global Prayer for Israel and Virtual Pilgrimage that will take place from Jerusalem on Saturday, October 10. This unique event brings together thousands of people from dozens of nations across many time zones for prayer and worship for Israel. Some participants are coming from countries with which Israel does not have diplomatic relations.

Countless people around the world will also be invited to share their prayers in writing that will be placed in the cracks of the Western Wall. As the global pandemic prevents people from bringing their prayers to Israel in person, the Virtual Pilgrimage allows that in reality.

Jonathan Feldstein, president of the Genesis 123 Foundation, emphasized the significance of the event and the date. “October 10 coincides with the end of the biblical festival of Sukkot, Tabernacles, one of three pilgrimage holidays in the Torah. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in biblical times meant trekking across the land for days, and bringing various offerings to the Temple, along with one’s prayers. This is the first time that Jews and Christians can celebrate this festival together virtually, from all the corners of the world.”

Plans are being finalized for prayers to begin in Australia and go to Alaska over as many as twelve hours, in multiple languages. All are invited to register for the free event in their respective countries at https://fb.me/e/6E15iHYwt [1], and to nominate their pastors to participate live by email at gen123fdn@gmail.com [2] .

It is also noteworthy that some of the participants will be in countries where Christianity is not tolerated or in which it’s actually dangerous to be a Christian overtly. Nevertheless, they are so strong in their faith and in their support of Israel that they are determined to participate as they understand the blessings they will receive by blessing Israel.

In addition to prayers and worship being brought by major Christian leaders from the nations, a distinguished line up of Jewish participants will share what it means to them that Christians around the world are expressing their love and support for Israel through prayer and in other material ways.

In addition, noted Jewish teachers will share teachings from biblical text to enhance Christians’ understanding of how Sukkot is observed. Feldstein added, “We cannot forget that Jesus was an observant Jew in the land who celebrated the pilgrimage festivals and worshipped and preached in the Temple. Understanding what the festivals mean to Jews adds another dimension for Christians in how Jesus lived and their own faith.”

The date also coincides with the traditional Jewish observance of the end of the annual cycle of reading the Torah and beginning again in Genesis, further underscoring the common biblical foundation that Jews and Christians have together.