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Gods of Ancient Egypt: Divine Landscape Part 3: Middle Egypt

Tickets (£35+£3.32 fee) here [1].

A series of lectures focusing on the gods and goddesses primarily of Middle Egypt, considering how they were depicted and worshipped.

The gods of ancient Egypt were multifaceted, composed of human and animal forms, combining aspects of the natural world. They were thought to live in families, as we do, and often misbehaved! This linked course, over three terms, will examine the gods in Lower, Middle and Upper Egypt, including foreign gods the Egyptians appropriated. We will consider what their iconography can reveal about the roles they played in Egyptian religion. How they were worshipped will be examined, including daily rituals in temples, annual festivals, and adoration in the home. This term will focus predominantly on the gods of Middle Egypt although some gods are national.

Week 1 – 11th Jan

Hermopolis Magna Creation Myth

Thoth and Seshat

Week 2 – 18th Jan

The Aten and solar cult

Week 3 – 25th Jan

Antinous: The man and the god

Montu and the Buchis bull

Week 4 – 1st Feb

Osiris, Khentiamentiu, Anubis and Wepwawet

Week 5 – 8th Feb

Min of Koptos, Amun, Mut and Khonsu

A handbook will be provided and articles and links sent out after each lecture as appropriate.