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How Big Data & AI Can Fight the COVID-19 Crisis

Date and time: September 23, 2020, 8 to 9 pm Israel Daylight Time (UTC+3)

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Joint JLM-BioCity – IGTCloud Online Conference

The fight against the novel coronavirus is entering a new phase, as people worldwide begin to resume normal life alongside an invisible enemy. To help win this battle, experts are turning to a potentially potent weapon: Big Data & AI.

At this event, the panelists will discuss the role of AI and big data in the fight against the coronavirus crisis.

Invited speakers:

After the conference is over, there will breakout sessions for informal networking,

JLM-BioCity has teamed up with the IGTCloud Israel Cloud Computing Association to organize this event which is sponsored by the Azrieli College of Engineering, AtoBe and Bio-Jerusalem.

Online Zoom meeting link [2]

Meeting ID: 951 4859 6390 Passcode: 11223344

JLM-BioCity https://jlm-biocity.org/ is the largest forum of bio entrepreneurs (+3000 followers) , investors and professionals in Jerusalem, working to accelerate medical and bio innovation in the City.

The IGTCloud https://www.meetup.com/IGTCloud/ is a leading high-tech technology community (+7,000 members) of top industry companies, startups, ISVs, VCs and academia, focused on Cloud, BIG Data, AI & Data Science based technologies and solutions.

About our speakers:

Dr Paul Rothman is the Dean of the Medical Faculty for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Chief Executive Officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine, a $9 billion academic medical enterprise and health system with a global reach. As Dean/CEO, Dr. Rothman oversees both the Johns Hopkins Health System and the School of Medicine.

Dr. Rothman is a member of the National Academy of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Society for Clinical Investigation. Dr. Rothman serves on the boards of Merck,

Prof Itamar Grotto is a Public Health Physician and an Epidemiologist. He serves as the Associate Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) since 2017. In his previous position starting in 2007, he served as the Director of Public Health Services of the MoH.

He is Professor for Public Health at the Ben Gurion University and an Advisor on Development of Public Health Infrastructure in Europe, at WHO.

Kira Radinsky, Ph.D., Chair& Chief Technology Officer at Diagnostic Robotics, gained recognition after her software predicted the first in 130 years outbreak of cholera in Cuba. The prediction was made based on the pattern identified by mining of 150 years of data from various sources: in poor countries, floods within a year after a draught often follow by a cholera outbreak. The disaster-prediction software was developed while she was an intern at the Microsoft Research during her Ph.D. work at the Technion.

Dr. Tal Patalon is a medical doctor, specializing in family medicine and emergency medicine; as well as a lawyer and MBA, and head of KSM Research and Innovation Institute at Maccabi Health Services. Dr. Patalon is an avid entrepreneur. She has a passionate interest in medical innovation and is an expert in streamlining medical technologies from ideas to products. She develops new research methods implementing big-small-data.