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How Close Are We to Finding a Coronavirus Vaccine?

Date: April 7

Time: 5 to 6 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (3 am Eastern Daylight Time, 10 am Israel Daylight Time)

Location: Online via Zoom and Facebook

Cost: Free

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Join us for an interactive conversation with three global research leaders who will share an update on research related to combating coronavirus from an Israeli, Australian and global perspective.

Professor Alon Wolf, vice president for external relations and resource development + professor in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology

Professor Debbie Lindell of the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Biology

Professor Michael Wallach of the University of Technology Sydney + visiting professor at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

As countries worldwide take unprecedented steps to protect their populations from the coronavirus, an equally urgent race against time involves researchers working to halt the outbreak.

Hear from leading professors at the Technion and University of Technology Sydney as they explain what measures are taken in Israel, Australia and around the world to combat this epidemic.

The Technion has a proud history of medical innovations ranging from breakthrough drugs such as Azilect (for Parkinson’s disease); the Nobel-winning discovery of the ubiquitin system that continues to inform new cancer treatments; and technologies such as Novocure that uses electrical fields to kill tumors. These achievements arose from years of careful research.