Israel-Japan Cultural Exchange

Israel-Japan Cultural Exchange

Date and time: Friday, July 31, 2020, 12:30 pm Israel Daylight Time (UTC+3) | 6:30 pm Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

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This is an interactive virtual event. We will talk about each own countries with playing BINGO related to SDGs.

Japanese translation below:

Since COVID-19 spread all over the world, it is so difficult to travel to other countries and meeting people today. But on the other hand, online communication is getting easier than before. So why not talk together and meet new people in the world?

This time, we will have an interactive virtual event between Israel and Japan. The event is for Israelis and Japanese who are interested in either country but don’t know much about it. *We are very welcome you to our event even if you are not Israeli or Japanese!

*This event will be held in English.

In addition, we will play the following BINGO related to the SDGs theme. [Download BINGO]

ー How to Play ー

  1. First, chose one question to talk about each own countries.
  2. Find out any differences or interesting answers between both countries.
  3. In a square of Free question, you can create whatever you want to ask.
  4. If it is possible, Make a line of bingo during the time limit.
  5. In the end, our organizer will ask you what answers are you interested in.

[Event Details]

Date: 31st July 2020 (Fri)

Time: 18:30 Japan Standard Time / 13:30 Israel Daylight Time

Place: Online

Language: English


18:20 (Japan) / 12:20 (Israel) : Log in to the Zoom meeting

18:30 / 12:30 : Open & Introduce each other

18:40 / 12:40 : Play SDGs BINGO in each breakout rooms

19:05 / 13:05 : Share some interesting answers with all participants

19:30 / 13:30 : Close the event

Organizer : Alexsolutions




ビンゴをダウンロード [ 英語 ver ]  [ 日本語 ver ]


  1. まずひとつのマスを選びます。
  2. その質問に関して話し合い、お互いの国で違うこと、面白かった話などをメモしておきます。
  3. Free Questionは好きな質問を作ってください。
  4. なるべく一列のビンゴを作れるように頑張ってください。
  5. 最後に全体で集まり、主催者に指名された人がそのグループで話した内容を全体にシェアします。


日程 : 2020年7月31日(金)

時間 : 日本時間18:30 / イスラエル時間12:30

場所 : オンライン

言語 : 英語


18:20 (Japan) / 12:20 (Israel) : Zoomミーティングにログイン

18:30 / 12:30 : イベント開始&簡単な自己紹介

18:40 / 12:40 : 小さなグループに分かれてビンゴゲーム開始

19:05 / 13:05 : 参加者全員で話した内容をシェア

19:30 / 13:30 : 終了予定

主催者 : Alexsolutions

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