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Israel’s Plan to Annex the Jordan Valley: Foresight or Folly?

Date and time: Sunday, June 28, 2020, 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4) | 6 pm British Summer Time (UTC+1)

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Israel has announced its intentions to annex the Jordan Valley by July 1, a move condemned by leaders throughout the world, with the notable exception of President Trump.

Is this the last nail in the coffin of the Middle East Peace Process? Or is it a judicious move to ensure the future security of Israel’s borders while the world’s gaze is diverted by pandemics and economic woes?

How can we better understand the complexities of the situation?

Join me for a historical journey tracing the geopolitical changes to the region resulting in the Israeli and Palestinian nations living side by side for decades. Maps of the region have constantly changed over the past century as a result of conflict and political deal-making. I will explain these historical changes – their context and their implications, as together we will delve into the complex story that has led to Israel’s annexation plans.