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Jameel Prize Marks Decade with Exhibition Debut in Dubai

Founded in 2009, the Jameel Prize is the only global award for artists and designers inspired by Islamic design and visual culture. It is a collaboration between the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) and Art Jameel. The Jameel Prize 5 exhibition was inaugurated in Dubai at the Jameel Arts Center, one of the first major contemporary arts institutions in Dubai. The exhibition presents works by the joint prize winners – Iraqi artist Mehdi Moutashar and Bangladeshi architect Marina Tabassum – plus works by the shortlisted candidates: Iranian artist Kamrooz Aram; Jordan- and Dubai-based graphic designer and architect duo naqsh collective; Iraqi-born painter Hayv Kahraman; Bahraini fashion designer Hala Kaiksow; Moroccan multimedia artist Younes Rahmoun; and Pakistani painter Wardha Shabbir.  The Jameel Prize exhibition opened to the public on April 25 and will run until September 14.