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Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordan

The 10th edition of the Karama Human Rights Film Festival will be held December 5-12 at the Royal Cultural Center in Amman, Jordan and at various other locations around the country. The festival has been held since 2010. A total of 481 human rights films have been screened over the course of nine years of cinema activism and advocacy for human rights in Jordan and in the region. Around 8,000 spectators from different fields come yearly to the event, attend, and participate in its diverse activities, which include screening of films from different parts of the world; discussions and debates with some of the films’ production teams; seminars and workshops; musical concerts and dance performances; an art and photo exhibition); an eight-week workshop that takes place before the festival for the production of relevant films to be screened during the festival; and a series of mini-conferences. The theme of Karama’s 10th edition, Generation Karama, celebrates a generation of artists, activists and powerful minds who are aware, engaged and committed to human rights values in our region. We celebrate their achievements and their continuous relentless efforts towards shaping a more equitable and righteous world.