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MENA Founders Stories: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality

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MENA Founders Stories: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality – Use Cases and Perspectives by MENA Tech Talents

On the reality spectrum, Augmented Reality (AR) stands at one end while Virtual Reality (VR) stands at the other. With the power of computer vision and machine learning, these immersive technologies were born in the fifties of the last century by computer scientists trying to create a version of the world that was unreal, but in a good way. Since then AR, VR as well as XR technologies have evolved dramatically to reach new capabilities of user impressiveness and more is yet to come.

The Digital Arabia Network and the “Deutsch-Algerischer Verein für Akademiker und Studierender” (DAAS) are pleased to invite you to explore together with our speakers the (new) different use cases of AR/VR/XR technology across the economic and cultural spheres and their impact and opportunities for the MENA region. Our speakers come from the MENA Tech Talent pool. They will tell us stories of how AR/VR/XR are making their way into our daily lives. They will tell us their own stories of how they are using these technologies to create a difference:

The session will be moderated by our estimated DAN member & FinTech Expert Ismail Chaib. It will be held in the Arabic language and a sign language interpretation into English is available.

Join us on Wednesday, 25.11.2020!

Please note the different time zones according to your country of residence:

The event will be hosted on zoom. Upon registering via Eventbrite, you will receive a link that leads you to our session on the day of the event (25.11.2020).

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