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Munchgration: Migrant Chefs with Stories to Tell

Date and time: Monday, September 28, 2020, 7 pm Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

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Munchgration is a virtual culinary event that aims to enhance local integration of migrant communities through gastronomy.

Food is a powerful vehicle for storytelling. Food is who we are, where we come from, how we live, and what we believe. Our biographies are condensed into dishes and bites, like memories garnishing our stories. Through the foods we consume and the foods we make–and don’t–we stake claims in our identities and stories, as if announcing to the world, “this is me and this is what I eat.”

We understand the ability of food to provide a way to talk collectively about very personal stories. When we share in communal eating and tell our stories with one another, a different space opens up for collective vulnerability and mutual understanding.

Join us to learn different stories and dishes from Syria, Turkey, Brazil, Netherlands, and Yemen! Our chefs will inspire you to start a dialogue with your neighbors and maybe cook them a dish or two!

See the schedule below! and DON’T forget to check our social media channels as we will be sharing more information on each session there!

On 26/09/20-27/09/20 from 10:00 AM-14:00 PM CET

We will have Storytelling, Cooking workshops, Culinary photography workshop, And culinary business management workshop.

On 28/09/20 from 17:00PM- 19:05PM CET

We will have a DEMO day for migrant entrepreneurs to pitch to investors and field experts.

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See you there!

Migration Jam and We Organization Team