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National Biotech Congress

National Biotech Congress

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is glad to announce the launch of the “National Biotech Congress Vol. 1” A Neoteric Millennium. The first conference in this category and the fifth conference of the team.

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is a national initiative aims for Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness to integrate the aspects of community entrepreneurship with the power of scientific research. Our fundamental mission is the academic and professional awareness for the Egyptian biotechnologists to illustrate the importance of this field and the ability within its concepts and techniques.

We are honored of the collaboration with Ain Shams Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ACGEB) and The Egyptian Society of Progenitor Cell Research (ESPCR), as the main academic sponsors.

National Biotech Congress Vol.1 | A Neoteric Millennium

Aim of the Conference:

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is proud to introduce this category of events for the first time in Egypt. National Biotech Congress will be a unique experience which will never be forgotten, we will introduce all the actual aspects of Biotechnology within three days with the help of tens of experts, professors, researchers and doctors in the field of Biotechnology from all the prestigious universities and research centers of Egypt. National Biotech Congress is a huge chance to obtain lots of experiences and opportunities, and with our team’s help, we will ensure that you will gain the best experience ever.

National Biotech Congress is a well-designed experience for you, by your attendance you will shorten the required time for success. A wide range of networking all over Egypt is waiting for you to be in touch with. Moreover, the concepts of Biotechnology will be very illustrated through our decent program across three days of the conference by many important lectures from experienced professors who are aware of all your needs and inquiries about the future. In addition, biotechnology new researches, talks, projects, discussions and more.

  • The main aspects of the conference:

–            Biotechnology Researches

–            Biotechnology Applications

–            Concepts of Biotechnology

–           The Integration Between Science and Entrepreneurship

  • The main targeted groups:

–            Researchers who are looking for recruiting members in their research team.

–            Entrepreneurs who are looking for recruiting employees for their startups.

–           Young researchers who are looking for reference ideas for their upcoming research work, or an experienced mentor.

–            Graduates who are looking for new professional networks, opportunities or collaborations.

–            Biosciences specialists who are looking for extending their expertise in the field of Biotechnology.

–            Students who are looking for the understanding of Biotechnology through high-value lectures or academic communications with all our experienced professors and doctors.


Sessions & Lectures Keywords:

Genetic Engineering ● Stem Cells ● Bioinformatics ● Cancer Biology ● Nanobiotechnology ● Gene Banks ● Personalized Medicine ● Synthetic Biology ● Systems Biology ● Biosensors ● Genomics ● Proteomics ● Tissue Engineering ● Gene Therapy ● Next Generation Sequencing ● Virology ● Bioelectricity ● Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology ● Scientific Research ● Evolutionary Biology ● Environmental Biotechnology ● Molecular Biology ● Immunology ● Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Biodiversity ● The Earth Genome Project ● Marine Biotechnology ● Agricultural Biotechnology ● Panel Discussion ● Bioengineering ● 3d Printing ● Evolution ● Biotech Entrepreneurs, Businessmen & Startups ●


Registration / Investment / Fees:

—->> Special Offer Registration Fees (Limited Time Till 28 Feb 2019)


—->>Early Bird Registration Fees (Starts from 1 March 2019) ==((Closed))==

—->> Regular Registration Fees (Starts from 1 July 2019)



—->> Late Registration Fees (Starts from 1 November 2019)

  • Class (A):

“Fees Includes:3 Days Attendance, Approved certificate, Conference Bag, Lunch Break”

– 1000 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)

– 850 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)

– 650 L.E for (U) Undergraduates

  • CLASS (B)

“Fees Includes: 3 Days Attendance, Approved certificate, Conference Bag, Breakfast”

– 950 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)

– 750 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)

– 550 L.E for (U) Undergraduates

  • Class (C)

“Fees Includes: 3 Days Attendance, Approved certificate, Coffee Break”

– 500 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)

– 350 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)

– 280 L.E for (U) Undergraduates, (PhD. & MSc. Students)


Certification / Approved E-Certificate from:

– Ain Shams Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

– The Egyptian Society of Progenitor Cell Research (ESPCR).


For Inquiries/Reservation don’t hesitate to contact us:

– Follow Us on our Social Media Platforms:

  • Facebook:
  • Facebook Group:

Terms and Conditions are applied:

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