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Nefretari: For Love of Her, the Sun Rises. A Gayle Gibson Talk

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Nefretari: For love of her, the Sun rises.

Ramesses the Great had many wives, but his Great Royal Wife was a woman he’d married when they were both teenagers. Nefertari received great honours, and performed extraordinary duties as Great Royal Wife; she seems to have been an active partner in the great king’s reign. In life, he honoured her above all women, and in death, provided her with the most beautiful tomb in Egypt. This is a love story.

Gayle Gibson is a respected Canadian Egyptologist and a Departmental Associate at the Royal Ontario Museum. She worked for over 20 years as a popular teacher, lecturer and Egypt specialist at the ROM and appears frequently on television as a “guest expert”. Her main area of expertise as an Egyptologist concerns mummies and their coffins. Ms. Gibson was partially responsible for identifying Pharaoh Ramesses I, (Ramesses II’s grandfather!) among the forlorn mummies at the old Niagara museum, and giving him an assist on the road home to Egypt.

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