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One People, One Table

This Passover, no one will celebrate alone. This coming Wednesday night, April 8, Jewish Israelis will be moving their Seder tables to their open windows or onto their balconies and at precisely 8:30 pm, all will sing the “Ma Nishtana” together. Come join us!

This coming Passover night, the elderly, the lonely, lone soldiers, doctors and nurses on call, our armed forces on duty and those at home alone will celebrate together with their greater family – the family of Am Yisrael.

What we ask of you is that you please move your Seder tables to the open window or balcony and at 8:30 precisely, join all the country in singing “Ma Nishtana” together.

Come be part of a Seder the likes of which has never been seen before. This Passover, join us in making sure that no one is alone.