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Plastic for Dummies

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FREE TALK with Celine Maud Bounioux

Plastics for dummies: Everything you want to know about plastic and plastic pollution. We are all aware that plastic pollution is becoming a major issue, however, as a materials scientist, I realized there are majors misconceptions about plastic and how to fight plastic pollution. So in this hour, I will try to teach you the different type of plastic what we can recycle and what don’t know yet how to recycle and why ?. The difference between a bioplastic (biopolymer,) and biodegradable plastics. What the problem with microplastic? Is it true that we are eating the equivalent of credit in microplastic? Is an organic cotton bag better than a plastic bag for the environment? The answer is not that simple. Hoping that if you know more about the materials, you will be able to use plastic in a way that’s better for the environment.

Celine Maud Bounioux is a materials scientist researcher part-time and I did my Ph.D. on organic solar cells (plastic solar cells ) at Ben-Gurion University. She has always been interested in reconciling science and the environment. For the last three years, she tries to teach about plastic and raise awareness about plastic pollution via the association straw-free Israel.

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