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PLC- Advanced techniques for Facilitators

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Learn how to maximize your impact on student learning via a range of practical facilitation techniques.

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“Advanced techniques for Facilitators”

Behind every successful presentation or workshop is a skilled facilitator with a toolkit of strategies. If you’re interested in learning how to leverage different techniques and encouraging participants to co-create, collaborate and share then join us for this interactive experience. Over the course of one day, participants can expect to learn to tap into the collective wisdom of the group and create experiences that genuinely inspire and engage learners.

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About the Facilitator:

Khalid AlQoud’s passion encompasses of a spectrum of activities from both the corporate and social world. He has founded, led, and developed several local and international organizations, and yet remains to be an active member in numerous initiatives.

Khalid is an international speaker, entrepreneur, a leadership expert, and a business consultant. His expertise was not left unnoticed, and for over 20 years he has been invited on several occasions to manage both private and government-supported events, as well as to speak in a public platform.

He is the founder and Chairman of AlQoud Foundation, CEO of AlQoud Enterprise, International Leadership and Coaching, Prince Events Management, and Natural Bites, which are all located in Bahrain. He is also the co-founder partner and CEO of International Change Makers, CEO of International Leadership and Coaching in Kuwait, the founder and Chairman of Bahrain Corporate Social Responsibility Society, and a board member of the National Committee for Combatting Trafficking in Person appointed by the minister of foreign affairs of the kingdom of Bahrain and board member of Higher Advisory Committee for Technical and Vocational Education appointed by the minister of education of the Kingdom of Bahrain

As part of his responsibilities, he would provide consulting and financial advice regarding investment and business opportunities. He is well-trained in fostering professional relationships with various individuals at a local and international level, and has a deep understanding on how to approach them.

Khalid has developed the characteristics that make him an effective coach, consultant, mentor, and speaker. His expertise ranges over topics of organization culture, leadership, corporate social responsibility, family business 3rd generation growth, motivational speeches, and voluntary service. Under those themes, he has given keynote speeches and conducted workshops for the local and international community.

Khalid envisions a future that fosters a new generation of distinguished leaders with the aim of effectively solving community challenges, on both a local and global scale.