Put Pakistan on Your Travel Map

Put Pakistan on Your Travel Map

Mon, 31 Jan 2022 18:00 - 19:00 Greenwich Mean Time (UTC±0)

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At our upcoming panel session, we’ll be discussing how to make Pakistan your next travel destination and uncover its hidden treasures.

About this event

It’s time for a change. This year, it’s time for a new destination – something off the beaten track.

Behind the negative stereotypes, there lies a rich and diverse country, full of charm and authenticity: Pakistan.

Join us for an online travel discussion on 31 January 2022 at 6 pm (UK time), where the Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, H.E. Moazzam Ahmad Khan, will make the opening remarks. Our expert panel of travel writers, journalists, and photographers will share powerful insights and tips based on their experiences across the diverse landscapes of Pakistan – from the mountainous northern territories to the vibrant city streets.

This event will also feature a live Q&A, giving you the chance to pose your questions to our speakers.

Hosted and managed by members of the Capra Falconeri Traveller team, our hour-long discussion will inspire your Pakistan itinerary.


Here’s a preview of what to expect, along with a little introduction to the members of our panel.

Through a Maze of Mountain Ranges

Our panel’s journey through Pakistan begins mountaineering expedition in Gilgit-Baltistan all the way to the heart of the Karakoram, accessing some of the remotest terrains and rich landscapes. Discover the lush Hunza Valley and national parks, with apricot trees and rare species. We’ll discuss how to make the most of a trip to Northern Pakistan, with its fresh mountain breeze. From the art of carpet-weaving to historical forts and guesthouses, we’ll inspire your own Northern Pakistan adventure.

People, Culture and History

We’ll stop off to visit the Chitralis playing polo at an altitude, learn about the people of Kalash and their unique festivals. Moving further inland, Lahore has excellent Mughal architecture, with historical museums, luxury shopping spots, and world-renowned food streets to check out.

Outdoor Playground

Pakistan has emerged as one of the world’s most popular destinations for adventure travel. From a thrilling tuk-tuk driving challenge led by the professional travel crew at Large Minority to renting a motorcycle and exploring the Karakoram Highway towards the spires of Passu Cones and Khunjerab Pass, the options for adventure are seemingly endless. Fitness meditators can join yoga retreats in the lush mountain meadows between the Himalayan trees. For something a little more off the beaten track, head to the cold Katpana Desert for a unique glamping experience under the milky way.

Plan and Let’s Go!

Dreaming of a Pakistan trip but don’t know where to start? We’ll discuss setting itineraries for everyone, as soon as you step off the plane. Whether you’re of Pakistani descent looking to explore your ancestral homeland for the first time, or an adventure traveller seeking unique experiences, our expert panel will have plenty of ideas and advice to help you organise the ideal Pakistan trip.

Introducing you to our expert panel:

Jonny Bealby

Jonny is an author and adventure guide based in the UK. He is also the founder of Wild Frontiers, an award-winning travel company. His interactions and lifelong friendships with the people of the Kalash led him to create the first of his itineraries to Pakistan in 1998, The Hindu Kush Adventure, and finally, Wild Frontiers was born. Find out more about his projects in Pakistan and read about his fascinating journey in Issue 1 of Capra Falconeri Traveller Magazine.

Emma Thomson

Emma is a multi-award-winning travel journalist and regular contributor to National Geographic Traveller, the Telegraph and Times among others. In search of the real Pakistan, she has journeyed through Islamabad, the Swat Valley, crossing into Gilgit-Baltistan, the Hunza Valley, and Chitral.

Colin Prior

A Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, Colin is an award-winning landscape photographer who has made seven expeditions over seven years to Gilgit-Baltistan to gather material for his book, The Karakoram: Ice Mountains of Pakistan.

Ghulam Rasool

Breaking the rules and carving out a niche in nature and wildlife photography, Ghulam Rasool became Pakistan’s first wildlife photographer with WWF-Pakistan.

Anam Hussain (Host)

Anam is the founder and creative director at Capra Falconeri Traveller Pakistan. She is also a diaspora journalist and a travel writer, featured in various international publications, including Al Jazeera and Condé Nast. Originally from Lahore, Pakistan, Anam is settled in the United Kingdom. She takes regular multipurpose visits to her homeland, not only to reconnect with her family but to venture beyond the tourist trail, through narrow crowded streets, finding local artisans, colourful markets and innumerable little chai stalls.

Aisha Farooq (Moderator)

Aisha is the editorial director at Capra Falconeri Traveller Pakistan. She has experience in copyediting, writing, and digital journalism spanning many years. She is continually fascinated by the homeland of her parents and grandparents – its incredible culture, language, music, heart, and soul.

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