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Queens of Egypt: Hatshepsut

It’s time to see Egypt through the eyes of one of the most powerful woman of the ancient world: Hatshepsut.

What does the word “Ancient Egypt” bring to your mind?

Spirituality and ancient knowledge?

Pyramids and underground tombs in the Valley of the Kings?

Pharaohs like TutankhamunCheopsTuthmosis III or Ramses II?

It’s time to change perspective. It’s time to see Egypt through the eyes of some of the most powerful and incredible women of the ancient world: HatshepsutNefertiti and Nefertari.

Palace intrigues, religious revolutions, games of seductions, crown usurpations… all made to rule the most wealthy and splendid reign of the ancient world: Egypt!

Live stream event from Rome, with SIMONE L.: licensed tour guide of Rome and the Vatican City, Archeologist, Egyptologist with 15+ years of experience.

Includes live Q&A; contents suitable for children

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