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Roads of Arabia

Roads of Arabia, an exhibition on the archaeology and history of Saudi Arabia, will be held at Le Terme di Diocleziano (The Baths of Diocletian) in Rome, Italy, on March 1 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

For more information, see https://www.laboratorio104.it/tours/8524/ [1], contact info@laboratorio104 or send an SMS or WhatsApp message to +39 328-284-2788.

The Roads of Arabia archaeological exhibition includes archaeological masterpieces and iconic works of art, spanning centuries of Arab history. The exhibition tells the story of the development of the Arabian Peninsula over the millennia and explores how cultural elements are a fusion of tradition and modernity.

The unique exhibition, brought to Rome by Saudi Arabia’s Culture Ministry and Italy’s Cultural Heritage and Activities Ministry, explores the rich heritage of the Arabian Peninsula through archaeological masterpieces, important works of art and ancient documents.

Including over a million years of history, from prehistory to the formation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the exhibition itinerary illustrates the depth and breadth of Arab civilization.

Over 450 rare artifacts that came to light thanks to important archaeological excavations will be exhibited.