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Seamstress – Watch Party & Interview

Tickets ($0 – $22.23) here [1].

Seamstress is a documentary opera, composed and produced by Donia Jarrar, based on collected oral histories of Palestinian women

About this event

Watch “Seamstress” on-demand for the duration of the festival or join project creator, Donia Jarrar in conversation with Debi Wong (Festival Curator)for the watch party and pre-show talk about “Seamstress” and how our lived experiences shape our creative voices (Nov. 1).


Seamstress is a multimedia documentary opera based on oral history interviews I conducted with Palestinian women from different generations and social sectors in occupied Palestine (The West Bank and Gaza) from the summer of 2012 through the winter of 2017. Blending audio interviews, photography, raw and archival footage with live chamber orchestra and dance performances, Seamstress aims to create a moving and powerful portrait of love, strength, and resistance in the face of injustice and misinformation. Seamstress was awarded a Discovery Grant for Female Composers of Opera from the National Opera Center of America in 2019. Jarrar is currently working on its sister opera, Butcher.