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Sharing Our Stories: Raphael Luzon

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Raphael will talk about life in Libya, the impact of the Holocaust on the community, and his interfaith work.

About this Event

In this event we will discuss Raphael’s life in Libya, the impact of the Holocaust on the community, his dramatic expulsion from his homeland, and his adjusting to life in Italy. He will tell us about his subsequent interfaith work which has led him to chatting with the pope, having tea with Ghaddafi, getting kidnapped by revolutionaries and campaigning for Libyans worldwide.

Raphael Luzon was born in Benghazi, Libya. Raphael and his family were expelled from Libya after a bloody pogrom occurred during the Six-Day War in 1967. The family moved to Rome, where Raphael lived for 27 years. In 1995 he moved to Israel, and in 2001 settled in London, England.

Raphael has had a long career in diplomacy through both official and unofficial channels, and has dedicated his life to interfaith dialogue. He was a correspondent for the Israeli Press in Italy, and in Israel was Senior Producer for the RAI Italian TV-News channel.

In 2000 he was Executive Director of Mediterraneum, promoting tourism and events for the in the area. In the same year, he was the Overseas Coordinator of Jubillenium, a coalition of humanitarian and religious organisations promoting peace worldwide. In this role, he met with the Pope and other prominent world leaders.

Raphael lives in London, where he is Chairman of the Union of Libyan Jews. More information about his work can be found at https://rluzon.net/.

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