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Street Art and Graffiti

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Enjoy a hands-on experience on Street Art and Graffiti with Jamie Marshall.

“It was the platform I needed to showcase my talents. Not just painting canvases but actually creating artistic compositions. I never went to ART school, and wasn’t even sure who Warhol was, but I knew I had something. I had always known that. Right place right time, that’s me. … I always go against popular opinions, like to blaze my own trails.” ― Furtura 2000

Graffiti and street art started out as a process of creation through destruction. Essentially an illegal art movement that brought a socio-political voice to young people in the form of a spray can. Many consider this form of art as vandalism, and there is a large portion of graffiti art that is still illegally created. However, through this rocky beginning, graffiti has become an integral element of contemporary art.

In this two-day workshop, participants will immerse themselves in the history and culture of the world of street art. They will be exposed to different styles of graffiti and street art techniques that can be leveraged to create their own work and collaborate on a collective piece for the entire group.

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About the facilitators:

Mahmood Al Shargawi (known as Huvil) is an international graffiti and street artist based in Bahrain with a portfolio of installations that span the UAE, Riyadh, London and Bahrain. His artwork is gaining legitimate footholds in the region’s art world through international collaborations with Red Bull and an installation in London’s infamous graffiti hub, Leek Street.

Huvil was also one of the artists chosen to contribute to Dubai’s Guinness World Record of longest graffiti art scroll. He describes his work as “renditions of tradition in a modern world.” His aim is to create art that brightens up streets and neighborhoods by visually promoting positivity. Huvil’s work is heavily inspired by the Arab culture and traditions; the grace of the Arab woman and her “Battoulah” are frequently depicted in his artwork as a strong symbolic representation of the Arabian Gulf heritage and its beauty.

In addition to his work as an artist, he delivers workshops to train youth in the practice of graffiti. His aim is to legitimize graffiti and street art in the Middle East and break the stigma of vandalism attached to it.

Graffiti has been a part of Jamie’s life for almost 20 years and it served as his first introduction to the creative arts. The skills he developed through his engagement with the art form lead him to pursue a career in Graphic Design. Currently he occupies the position of Art Director for a digital media agency in Bahrain where he is responsible for maintaining the quality of work produced by the creative team as well as the development of its members. He is an example of how graffiti can be a positive impact on peoples’ lives, using the skills and confidence gained from painting to further his career and have a positive impact on his community.

Since arriving in Bahrain 4 years ago, Jamie has used graffiti to engage local youth through workshops and has been commissioned to produce artworks for clients such as Zain, Telecom, Bahrain International Circuit, Lacoste, BMMI, EDB and Shop Bahrain among others.