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The Paus Premieres Festival Presents: ‘The Marshes of Iraq’ by Ali Mohammed

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About this event

Head to watch.paus.tv [2] or download our paus app [3] on Android & iOS for an exclusive 24-hour opportunity to watch and tip the festival premiere of ‘The Marshes of Iraq’ by Ali Mohammed. The official selection screening is free to attend and stream, but we encourage you to show your appreciation for the film by leaving a tip, which will go directly to the filmmaker.

The film will go live from 1st February at 7pm (UK time) and will be available for 24-hours only.

“The documentary tells the story of marsh dwellers and their land, and how their authentic lifestyle has been affected by climatic changes that threaten the rare biodiversity, especially the Iraqi water buffalo, which are the most important economic resource to the marsh Arabs’ livelihood. This puts them in a difficult ultimatum, between migration or survival.”

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