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About this event

Join us on Thursday evening 22 July to explore the many layers of meaning and belonging relating to our emerging theme: The Sacred Feminine and the Land. In our four-part exploration of centralising the voice of the Land of Israel-Palestine, and seeing the systemic influences related to the land, we have encountered the mirror it has to ourselves and our inner issues. We will explore the theme of borders and the boundaries that we as humanity hold in relation to the land. When there has been a history of collective trauma – often over many generations – the way we relate to our surroundings and to the places where we live or are ancestrally connected to, reflect our inner personal and trans-generational stories.

In this session we will use the embodied approach of a collective land constellation to explore the connection between our inner and outer landscapes, and where the boundaries lie. What can we do, individually and collectively, to bring respect and clear boundaries with each other? How can we begin to create clarity in the chaos without guilt or aggression?

The aims and outcomes of this session are:

Anyone is welcome to join us. This is the third of four sessions. You are welcome to join one or both, and prior attendance is not needed to participate. Come with a curious heart and mind!

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