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Trump & Israel, 2020 Presidential Elections with Campaign Insiders

Date and time: Monday, September 14, 2020, 8 to 9 pm Israel Daylight Time (UTC+3)

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Tel Aviv International Salon, presents:

“Trump & Israel” + Q&A Panel

The 2020 Presidential Elections with American Campaign Insiders

Live Link: Will be shared with all who register, event will be off record.

Who: American voters & Zionists across Israel & the US

Cost: FREE

Our virtual event is perfectly timed in advance of the deadline for absentee voting registration in many US states, and that is important considering the 300,000+ American voters in Israel. NOTE, as with all Salon events, we are fully nonpartisan, and host all sides as honest brokers. While a specific Salon may host one particular view, please know that we are working with all campaigns to produce events, sharing their perspectives to give our community platforms for asking questions meaningful to you. We do not care whom you vote for but we do encourage activism and voting!

About our speakers:

Ambassador Richard Grenell is an American diplomat, political advisor, and media consultant. He joined the Institute for Politics and Strategy in July 2020, and serves as the Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations.

Prior to joining IPS, Grenell served as Ambassador to Germany and Acting Director of National Intelligence. Appointed by President Trump, Grenell was the first openly gay person to serve at a Cabinet-level in the United States. In that role, which he held from February to May 2020, Grenell oversaw the seventeen agencies in the intelligence community and served as the principal advisor to the president and the National Security Council on intelligence matters.

From 2001 to 2008, Grenell served as the United States spokesperson at the United Nations. In 2004, Grenell was appointed as an alternate representative to the UN Security Council with full voting rights and privileges. He has contributed to Fox News, and has written for The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, CBS News, CNN and The Washington Times.

Boris Epshteyn is the Strategic Advisor for Coalitions on the Trump – Pence 2020 Campaign. He has served as Special Assistant to President Trump and Assistant Communications Director at the White House. He managed strategy for media appearances by Trump Administration representatives, as well as coordinated interviews of and provided briefings to top administration officials, including the President and Vice President of the United States. Boris assisted with and advised on White House communications strategy across all subjects. He appeared as an on-air spokesman for the administration on national and local outlets.

Previously, Boris served as the Director of Communications for the Presidential Inaugural Committee where he directed communications strategy and implementation for the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Michael R. Pence on January 20th, 2017. Boris was the Chief Political Commentator for Sinclair Broadcast Group, one of the largest television broadcasting companies in the country.

About Our Event Partners:

Republicans Overseas Israel has access to the RNC, Republican candidates that are running for office and those currently in office as well as other dignitaries as they visit Israel, allowing them to present issues that concern the American community in Israel. The Israel Chapter of Republicans Abroad serves this community through voter assistance and dissemination of information concerning the Republican Party and its candidates. Marc Zell, Chairman of ROI, will be giving an overview over their efforts to get out the vote among Americans in Israel.

Americans & Canadians Abroad in Israel (AACI) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1951 to help North American immigrants acclimate to Israeli society and to build strong ties between North American Jewish communities and Israel. AACI’s services are available to all English speakers.

iVote Israel is comprised of a diverse group of Olim from America, including recent-arrivals as well as vatikim from all over the country, who are concerned about the safety, security and future of America and Israel. They believe that voting in the U.S. elections is the best way to make voices heard.

About Our Organization: Tel Aviv International Salon

“Leading Israel, Leading Israel”

ELECTIONS NOTICE: If you want to volunteer for the official Trump or Biden campaigns in Israel, just email info@TLVSalon.com. The Salons are a politically unaffiliated, honest-broker organization and as such we do not support any candidate or political party. We are proud to have a long tradition of hosting the leading candidates from all sides of the political spectrum during local and international elections to discuss the important issues that our entire community cares about. To that end, we of course are working with the Democrats in planning events as well, so stay tuned. Please take to heart that no matter whom you support, don’t forget to vote. These events are off the record.

The Tel Aviv International Salon is the largest speakers forum in Israel. Our nonprofit organization was established in 2009 to provide a challenging, thought-provoking and intellectual discussion non-partisan platform for the young adult Tel Aviv International and Sabra community. There are an increasing number of motivated young professionals who are choosing to make Tel Aviv their home. The Salon provides this community a unique forum to learn about, debate and discuss Israeli, Jewish and world politics, history, media, economics, social, cultural and environmental issues with a diverse range of engaging international decision makers and the leading influencers on our society.

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