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UAE Space Law and Policy – Opportunities

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UAE Space law and policy – opportunities It will provide an overview of space law and policy in the UAE and opportunities to help grow

Speaker – Helen Tung

Helen Tung LLB (Hons) is a UK trained Barrister with 12 years of Post qualification experience. Helen attended University of Sheffield, University of Tilburg and University of Law in which she obtained her law degrees. Helen furthered her studies at the University of Greenwich for PhD studies (completed coursework only) in maritime security and international law and undertook Directed Studies on International Private Law at The Hague Academy. She further took part in the Global Solutions Program at Singularity University and attending the International Space University Summer Space Program.

Helen advises and represents clients in commercial disputes including banking, bankruptcy, construction, shipping and space matters.

Helen has worked in reinsurance, maritime law and commercial disputes in London and advised clients globally. She was previously a policy legal advisor for the UK Maritime Coastguard, was an advocate for the Home Office with experience in Court of Appeals and also had secondments with leading shipping law firms in Seoul and Shanghai. Helen has also advised the European Commission, METI and UAE Space Agency in relation to space law and policy.

Helen is a member of the Dubai Courts of the Future Working Group, Founding member of the Maritime Autonomous Regulatory Systems Working Group (MARSWG) and member of the SmartShip ISO standards committee. She is also committee member of the Knowledge Management group of the International Bar Association addressing the role of AI and emergent technologies in law.

Helen is Founder of NewSpace2060, an advisory service for NewSpace startups empowering startups in coaching, pitching & fundraising. She heads Space law at 7Pillars, Kazakhstan, is the Co-Chair of Space Debris & Space operations at the International Aeronautical Congress and Advisor to the Board of Global Green & Green Cross. She is a law consultant at Sara Advocates.

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