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UK-IL Precision Agriculture Event

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The British Embassy in Israel, together with the British Council and the Wohl Foundation, are inviting you to a Precision Agriculture event

About this event

The British Embassy in Israel, together with the British Council and the Wohl Foundation, are inviting you to take part in an intimate, tailored online networking event, connecting Israeli Precision Agriculture startups with TOP UK universities & research centres, to promote UK-IL R&D collaborations.

As our world’s population grows exponentially and Climate Change’s impact increasingly disrupts weather patterns, there is a great need for adaptation and transition in agriculture, ensuring food security for future generations. Technology will, and already is, taking a major role in this movement to reshape agriculture, and is anticipated to transform this industry.

Join us to hear about agriculture & innovation in the UK, the cutting edge research done by the four academic institutions and learn about The Wohl Clean Growth Alliance [2] funding opportunity for UK-IL partnerships.



Exclusive 1:1 Networking with the Experts for Israeli Startups

After the main panel, selected Israeli startups will get the chance to meet 1:1 with our UK precision agriculture experts – don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity and register NOW!

The experts are interested in meeting Israeli Startups, looking for opportunities to partner with UK academia, with technologies which can be applied to Precision Agriculture, mainly around:

Remote sensing and geospatial technologies

Big data and AI

Sensor data fusion and analytics

Crop Management

Autonomous farming

Impacts of extreme climate and weather events and their combination

What is the Wohl Clean Growth Alliance? it is a new initiative funded by the Wohl Legacy and managed by the British Council together with the UK Science and Innovation Network in Israel. The programme is open for UK-IL partnerships application between academic institutions, as well as a startup-academy collaboration! In this event, we will aim to match Israeli startups to our academic institutions, as a first step for a Wohl application! For more information, go here [2].