Virtual Selling in the Mideast: How to Survive and Thrive During Crises

Date and time: Every Thursday, 5 pm Gulf Standard Time (UTC+4)

Select date and purchase tickets ($97+$7.54 fee for monthly subscription of four sessions) here.

Opportunities come in times of crisis. If you’re prepared to seize it. Get ready to survive and thrive selling virtually in the Middle East.

About this Event

Virtual Selling in The Middle East

How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Uncertainty

Are you or your salespeople:

  • Concerned about how to succeed in virtual selling?
  • Worried about asking for the sale in times of uncertainty?
  • Struggling to generate enough sales to survive?

You are not alone! Most business leaders are concerned about transitioning their business to selling virtually. Especially in the Middle East where a handshake goes a long way in making business deals.

One thing for a fact is you can’t simply take your traditional in-person selling and expect it to work virtually. Many challenges arise in the process of transitioning which includes developing rapport online when you can’t meet for coffee or lunch.

Getting adjusted to technology and to a home office environment. Staying focused and productive in a distracting environment. And not to mention managing your own stress trying to separate work from family time.

As remote work has become the new norm. In order to survive and thrive during these times, organizations must be able to focus on generating income through making sales while being empathetic to what people are going through.

It is also imperative as a business leader to empower your sales teams to be successful virtually when in-person interactions are no longer an option. And you must be able to do this quickly.

That’s why I created Virtual Selling in The Middle East. To help business owners and sales teams survive and thrive in virtual selling starting now in times of uncertainty!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to prospect in times of uncertainty
  • How to make cold calls in times of uncertainty
  • How to set clear expectations and outcomes of the call
  • Set clear outcome and expectations of the call
  • In-session etiquette and managing conversations.
  • Leading the sales process from start to finish with no in-person meetings.
  • Delivering effective needs discovery, demos, and final presentations through phone and video conference.
  • Best practices for pre-call planning and post-call follow-up
  • How virtual selling is different from in-person selling
  • How to set up your virtual selling environment and technology
  • How building trust and rapport is much different online and how to overcome it
  • Tips for leading virtual sales conversations and asking the right questions
  • How to make decisions about slides and visuals for virtual sales meetings
  • How to focus, concentrate, and perform in a distracting home office
  • What not to do in virtual selling
  • Best practices from companies with successful remote sales organizations
  • How to develop leads when networking events and tradeshows are no longer feasible
  • Tools that enable your team in a remote selling and success model

I know what it takes to succeed with virtual selling because I’ve been doing selling virtually for over a decade now. Starting in 2006 this for a decade. We work with clients who have virtual sales teams and I’ve been leading virtual live training for companies of all sizes all year long.

In How to Survive and Thrive in Virtual Selling, I will help you and your sales team start selling virtual right away and walk you through a week-by-week action plan that is guaranteed to close deals or your money back!

How You’ll Benefit:

  • Make essential changes in your selling routine to adapt to a virtual, remote environment
  • Set yourself up to thrive as the economy improves
  • Avoid virtual selling and technology pitfalls that hinder your success
  • Start filling up your pipeline while strengthening the relationships you already have
  • Start closing deals with our No Pressure Selling System
  • Learn how to retain and gain a wider market share

What You’ll Get

  • 60-minute weekly virtual seminar with live training instruction
  • Weekly assignments that will help you sell now! Meet and network with other business owners and sales leaders
  • Engaging interactive sessions that pull you in the learning


We want to do what we can to help our clients and the business community during these challenging times. That’s why we’re reducing the registration fee of this program from $297/month to just $97/month.

And because I want you to feel you are getting way more value than you’re investing, I will give you one month free access and then it bills automatically $97/month unless you chose to discontinue your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time no questions asked.

Registration is limited to 25 people to ensure a conducive learning environment.

Call WhatsApp 1-602-332-0550 or email for special pricing for:

  • Groups of 5 or more
  • Bringing this program to your entire organization
  • If you are a nonprofit organization

Survive to Thrive – How to Succeed Selling Virtually in the Middle East will run every Thursday 5pm Dubai time.

The first 4 sessions will cover:

Week one – Success mindset to adapt in times of uncertainty

Week two – Prospecting in times of uncertainty

Week three – Cold calling in times of uncertainty

Week four – Building Trust and Rapport Virtually

Week five – Asking the right questions in times of uncertainty

Week six – How to make an engaging presentation virtually

Week seven – Effective closing skills

Week eight – Managing a remote team in times of uncertainty

Who Is It For?

CEO’s, Business owners, Sales leaders, and entrepreneurs looking to survive and thrive selling virtually in the Middle East. Bring in your team and let’s get you up and selling!


This event will take place online via Zoom video conference. Register today and we will email your link to access.

Register today!

About Your Trainer:

At age of 20 Khaled migrated from Lebanon his country of origin in pursuit of the American dream. After supporting himself through college working three jobs and long nights at the library Khaled managed to earn his engineering degree from Arizona State University. Soon to discover that his path is more in the business world and not so much in the cooperate world. With no business experience or family mentorship, Khaled chose the hard route from seeking a well-paid job to venturing into starting his own online automobile sales company.

Within five years, Khaled turned his passion for cars and hard work into a million-dollar company selling sports cars online. But passion and hard work alone weren’t enough and the dream soon turned into a nightmare. That was a hard lesson he soon learned in business when the great recession hit in 2008 where within two years it cost him his business, his house, his relationship, and found himself buried in $650K in debt, court orders, and thirty days away from being homeless.

Again, Khaled chose the hard route by refusing to declare bankruptcy which would have wiped away most of his debt to give him a fresh start. Instead he chose to fight back. Full of resentment and shame he looked around to seek a job as an engineer but companies were laying off people. That was when he embarked on the journey of personal transformation. His first lesson came soon thereafter. He learned that is at the cause of his own struggle and to change his circumstances he must change his thinking!

Inspired by a burning desire for success and his fearless attitude, Khaled indulged in learning and modeling success so that he can transform himself to the man he always wanted to be. Desperate for income, he started a meetup group implementing what he was learning by coaching men to be successful at networking and sales. By the age of 35 he started leading corporate seminars around the US in leadership and communication.

Part of his role as a trainer was to sell seminars and coaching packages. But he couldn’t sell to save his life. Or his job in that matter. So he immersed himself in learning sales from the best in the world including Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, David Sandler, Blair Singer, and Tony Robbins where within three years studying sales he became a top 10 sales trainers in the US. Something that led him to be hired by high profile companies such as Saudi ReadyMix in Saudi Arabia, US Government agencies such as Albuquerque Housing Authority and the Arizona Correctional Industries, and medium-size businesses in the U.S. such as Kulickie and Soffa, L&H Industries, ALPLA and small businesses such as Mawad Kitchens in Beirut.

In 2007 with the help of a mentor he started a nonprofit Walid’s Fund that helps Syrian refugees learn job skills within their camp community in Lebanon. Taking what he learned, Khaled started also helping nonprofits fulfill their mission through Fundraising and Train The Trainer and Team Management and Leadership Program. One of his clients is ANERA Lebanon. Khaled has been on multiple TV and radio shows including MTV and Radio Monte Carlo in Paris as he dedicated his life to helping business owners transform their sales and income in the Middle East.

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