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Virtual Tour of Aswan and Nubia Egypt

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Join us on this virtual tour to the south of Egypt, where we virtually visit Aswan and Nubia!

First, you will have a look at the Aswan High Dam, an engineering miracle used as an embankment dam situated across the Nile River, built in the 1960s to protect Egypt from annual floods.

Second, you explore the Temple of Philae. This temple was built in honor of goddess Isis, the chief deity of the island the temple was built on. We will take you back in time to discover the history of this temple, which is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt.

Last but not least, we’ll virtually transport you to a Nubian village called Gharb Soheil. It used to be a fishing village and the locals thought of the idea of making their village into an open-air museum, with lots of bright colored houses, to display the traditional Nubian life and culture.

During this virtual trip, you explore the sights by using virtual maps to navigate you through the sights and by looking at photos you learn about its significance in ancient and modern times.

We use our knowledge of Egyptology and our experience as qualified tour guides to give you the best possible alternative to visiting southern Egypt in real life. And of course, you will have the opportunity to ask any of your questions.

Let us bring ancient history back to life for you in a fun and interactive way on this virtual tour of Aswan and Nubia!