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Virtual Tour of Mecca and the Masjid al-Haram (Great Mosque)

Tickets ($18+$2.73 fee) here [1].

Join a live guide as we take a virtual and historic tour of Mecca and the mosque

From the comforts of your own home, take a virtual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the site of pilgrimage in the Hajj, Though the site of Mohammed’s birthplace is strictly off-limits to much of the world, this evening we will virtually experience Islam’s holiest city and most revered mosque.

The pillars of Islam require all Muslims to partake in the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca. While visiting this holy city, we will learn about its ancient history as we also take a modern-day virtual tour through its streets and epicenters such as the Mountain of Light, the Black Stone and the Well of Zamzam Of course, we will a special virtual visit to the site of Masjid Al Haram, the Holy Mosque and ultimate destination in the Hajj.

Note: All Zoom links to attend the tour will be sent 30 minutes before the event (to the email you register with).