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Virtual Tour of the Temple of Dendera, Egypt

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Join us on this virtual tour to Dendera Temple and Abydos Temple, two beautiful monuments of ancient Egypt!

Are you ready to discover two of the lesser-known (yet fascinating and worth seeing) temples in Egypt? Then join us on this virtual tour to the Temples of Dendera and Abydos!

In Dendera, you can find the Temple of Hathor, which is dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of love, joy, music and dancing. Hathor Temple, with its sacred lake and famous astrological roof, is a beautiful delicate structure. Besides that, this temple has an air of mystery surrounding it, and for that reason, it attracts a lot of visitors who are interested in spirituality and the paranormal atmosphere around it.

During the virtual trip, we take you back in time to discover the history and significance of these interesting temples by using virtual maps and by looking at photos from inside the temples.

We use our knowledge of Egyptology and our experience as qualified tour guides to give you the best possible alternative to visiting Dendera and Abydos Temples in real life. And of course, you will have the opportunity to ask any of your questions.

Let us bring ancient history back to life for you in a fun and interactive way on this virtual tour of the Temples of Dendera and Abydos!

Note: Our live guide will be using photos, art (and perhaps other media) during the tour. He will cover the history and modern significance of the location we visit.)