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We for Women: Journalism and Storytelling

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We for Women and Wempower Presents: Journalism and Storytelling. Join us to learn to use your voice as a journalist!

About this Event

We all have a story to tell. But how do we tell a story?

How we can and we should share it with our audience? How can we make an impact with our stories?

The way we share our story, the platform and means we use, will give us the opportunity to amplify our voices and reach out to others.

Stories break stereotypes, open up for opportunities, create connections. Discover with me how you can tell or write a story, using the basics of journalism, and how you can also use these stories in your business, community, NGO…

In this event:

-We will have a look at the 5Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why)

-Different way of structuring and delivering a story (article, podcast, video..)

-Interview Techniques

*Zoom link will be shared with registered participants.

Who should attend?

-Migrant women

– People who support migrant women such as service providers, NGO workers, volunteers, students, active citizens are more than welcome to our hive – Regardless of their gender and background.

Who is the facilitator?

Ilaria Biancacci is the workshop facilitator.

Ilaria is a journalist and founder of Wempower, a media platform that aim to empower women through positive, powerful and inspiring stories from ordinary women. Italian, born and raised, she lives in the UK since 7 years. Embedded journalist for the Italian Army and freelance journalist for several Italian publications, her reports includes stories from the Kosovo, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey, with a specific focus on gender issues and women rights.


What is “We for Women”?

We for Women is a welcoming and inclusive “hive” where everybody in Ireland meet for enhanced integration of unemployed migrant women into the labor force by equipping them with legal information, improving their social and professional skills, encouraging them and strengthening their English language through free training and mentoring.

We for Women is an initiative of MUDEM Refugee Support Centre.

To get more information and see other events, check out: www.weforwomen.ie [3]

Contact: Please e-mail us if you have any questions at hello@weforwomen.ie [4]