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#WomanLifeFreedom Voice AI: ZanZ Launch Event Honoring Iranian Women

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in partnership with Women in AI USA, Women in Voice and Davar Ardalan)

Zan Z is a Voice AI experience created in response to the courageous Iranian people that took to the streets in the fall of 2022, declaring “woman, life, freedom”.

Join us live to celebrate the launch of Zan Z! The prototype will launch on January 18, 2023 just after the winter solstice or Yaldā – a time when Persian poems and stories are traditionally read long into the night.

Meet the global team behind Zan Z and learn about the Iranian stories, poems, music, and women that inspired this platform.

Zan for Women, Z for generation Z, it is a media tool that can preserve and share stories from the past and present. It is a tool that can preserve and improve voice AI for the Persian language. It is a tool that can be used for freedom of expression as it can give voice to voices that have been lost to history or muted/silenced.

About Zan Z: We are women working in the field of Voice AI, data and storytelling originally from Iran, or living in Nigeria, New Zealand, the Netherlands and all over the US. To learn more about Zan Z, including ways you can help, join us at this live event. Visit https://womeninvoice.org/zan-z/ [2] for more information.

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