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Women’s March

Date, time, and place: Monday, June 1, 2020, 6 pm Israel Daylight Time (UTC+3), Lahat Promenade, Tel Aviv, Israel

Marching against violence against women!

After the first women’s strike against murder and violence toward women, for a year and a half, decision-makers dragged their feet while women were murdered.

Six women have been murdered since the beginning of the coronavirus restrictions and a total of 10 women and a baby since the beginning of the year.

35 ministers and not one who cares about us.

Millions of shekels on invented offices, but there aren’t 250 million shekels for a program to prevent domestic violence.

It is time for us to be a top priority for the most wasteful government in history.

The largest women’s march in the state’s history is demanding implementation of, and transfer of a budget for, the National Family Violence Prevention Program

We demand a government office to address the issue.

Murder is the ultimate expression of what starts as harassment in the street, at work, and at home.

It is the tip of the iceberg of wage gaps, offensive comments, impudence, directing women toward low-paying professions, prostitution, and gender-differentiated education in schools. It is the result of violence and gender discrimination that we all feel every day and in every space.

51% of the population is no longer silent and is leaving the house.

This is a protest of us all, women and men.

Violence – not in our house.

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