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Yallah!! Let’s Cook!

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Learn how to prepare quick, traditional foods from around the world–taught by home cooks! This month features Summer Fruit Cobbler

About this Event

This is a virtual event that will take place on the first Wednesday of each month, at 5pm-6pm. This month’s episode will be at, 4pm-5pm.

It is open to adults and children (children under 12 must have adult supervision).

Food is a source of many things–pride, comfort, memories, (oh! and…) nourishment.

At a time when out-of-home dining options are becoming more and more limited, people are discovering (or rediscovering) their home cooking skills.

Yallah! Let’s Cook! is a series of cooking adventures that will take you around the world via food. With a different cuisine highlighted each month, you will join home cooks as they guide you through the process of cooking/baking their traditional foods.

All recipes will be easy, quick, affordable (5 BD or less = $15), and delicious.

This month features Grade 3 RVIS student Madison Waudby and her Summer Fruit Cobbler with Vanilla Sauce

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