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Yemeni Cookery Class with Fatma Al-Baiti

Tickets (£8) here [1].

Join us for an online cooking class with Fatma Al-Baiti, passionate foodie and founder of Meet me at Fatma’s Yemeni brunch club.

About this Event

Learn about Yemeni cooking and traditions in this online class with Fatma Al-Baiti.

Fatma, a passionate foodie and blogger, founded Meet me at Fatma’s, [2] a Yemeni pop-up brunch club in order to tell London about the culture and cuisine of her home country that is so often defined by the tragic, ongoing conflict.

Yemeni cuisine is a fusion between Indian, Turkish, and East African influences, that come together through a rich history of migration and trade. “It shares the base of rice and bread with its neighbouring countries in the Gulf and beyond, but also has its own quirks,” Fatma explains. “Unfortunately, despite the depth of flavours and inviting aromas, it is almost unheard of.”

Join us for this one hour long cook-a-long with Fatma where we will hear a bit about Yemeni food and culture, while having a go at making your own dish. We recommend getting one of these Yemeni stone cooking pots [4] before the event for the full experience.

We will send an ingredient list & playlist before the event. How to see you there!