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Youth Entrepreneurship: The Art of Self-Reliance and Sustainability

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YouthLead Ambassadors will share the barriers facing youth-led startups and successful strategies for building a sustainable business.

About this Event

In a region where there are few job opportunities, entrepreneurship is a vital industry for both young people and the economy at large. Youth Entrepreneurship in the Middle East region and Africa is addressing challenges, such as conflict, access to health coverage, and the need for innovative approaches to create sustainable income. Most startups struggle to make it beyond the early stage. In this webinar, YouthLead Ambassadors will share the barriers facing youth-led startups and successful strategies for building a sustainable business.


Sabah Sanayi

Sabah Al-Sanayi (Yemen) is a social activist and member of the MENA Youth Council. She has worked as a peer mentor with World Learning, and as a facilitator with the digital exchange program, Project Exchange. Sabah is passionate about youth empowerment and expanding opportunities for young people in the MENA region and beyond.

Thomas Kingsley Justice Lebbie

Thomas Kingsley Justice Lebbie (Sierra Leone) is a member of the Kono tribe and identifies as a youth and human rights activist and feminist. Thomas has seven years of experience in the field of gender, child protection, education, and sustainable peacebuilding. Through his work, he has been involved in policy decision-making, strategy formulation, advocacy, and youth empowerment. Currently, Thomas works with the Global Youth Network for Peace on community peacebuilding, conflict management, and national cohesion.


Launched in 2018 under the USAID-funded project YouthPower Learning and continued under YP2LE, YouthLead.org is designed for young changemakers making a positive impact in their community through service, activism, advocacy, education, and entrepreneurship. Our network members are focused on finding solutions by connecting people, ideas, and resources to tackle critical issues affecting young people at home and around the world.


YP2LE activities will bring USAID’s Youth in Development Policy to life by enabling investments in PYD research and evaluation within and across multiple sectors, including health, education, agriculture/food security, economic opportunity, peace and security, democracy, and human rights and governance. YP2LE will build and disseminate PYD evidence across multiple sectors; offer leadership in promoting PYD best practices; and provide rapid response, technical assistance to USAID staff to design, implement, and evaluate youth activities. The goal of these activities is to give practitioners the information, tools, and resources they need to develop high-quality, impactful, and sustainable youth programs, allowing empowered youth, working with supportive adults, to create the kind of sustainable change in individuals and systems.