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Bahrain is Arab Women’s Soccer Champ

The Bahraini women’s soccer team defeated Abu Dhabi 3-2 on Monday night, in the final of the first Arab Women’s Soccer Championship at the Abu Dhabi Officers Club stadium in the United Arab Emirates, reports the Bahraini Gulf Daily News.

Bahrain played five matches and won all of them, including a 4-0 victory over Syria, and 7-1 against the Palestinian team.

Bahrain led 1-0 at half-time, thanks to a goal by Marwa ‘Abd Al-Karim.

In the second half, Bahrain extended the lead through a second goal by ‘Abd Al-Karim, and a goal by Zein Al-Khalifa.

The team, coached by Khalid Al-Harban, was congratulated by the General Organization for Youth and Sports’ President Sheikh Fawaz Bin Muhammad Al-Khalifa.

Women playing soccer are still a rare and odd phenomenon in the Arab world. However, in some countries, including Egypt, Iraq and the Persian Gulf, this sport is beginning to gain popularity.

In accordance with Arab traditions, men are usually banned from the crowd, and the players wear long trousers.