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Children of the damned

The United Nations Security Council went into emergency session overnight, after Israel killed one of the world’s most notorious mass murderers earlier this week.

This, after Israel has apologized in every public forum for what its Foreign Minister Shimon Peres called “a mistake.” The world is condemning Israel for killing Salah Shahada in a populated area and causing the deaths of 14 people and the wounding of dozens.

The aim of this item is not to point out that over the last two years Shahada deliberately surrounded himself with other people, including women and children, to prevent such an attack, nor is this the place to bring to your attention the fact that the Israel Air Force called off eight similar attempts to kill Shahada because it wanted to avoid collateral damage.

No, this item’s raison d’etre is to ask you to pay attention to something the world seems to be overlooking. Israel said mea culpa. Israeli leaders stood up in front of every possible audience and admitted to a blunder.

United Arab List Knesset member Taleb A-Sana told reporters the Israeli government opposes peace, security and stability, according to the Palestinian daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida’s July 24 edition. He made his comments the day after the Israeli attack.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Two days before the attack Israel agreed to hand millions of dollars to the Palestinians to help their ailing economy.

The decision was taken during a meeting between Palestinian officials and Israel’s Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and minister without portfolio Danny Naveh.

Israel is also negotiating the easing of the curfews imposed on Palestinian cities last month.

Finance Ministry Director General Ohad Marani is scheduled to meet Palestinian Finance Minister Salem Fayyad this week to discuss other ways to ease the economic hardships faced by the Palestinian people.

Israel has made every effort to right its wrong and to apologize, but it seems as though the country will be damned, no matter what it does or says.