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Clashes in Saudi Arabia Follow Oil Attack

Five suspected terrorists were killed in clashes with security forces in Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Security personnel gunned down five people in the Al-Yarmouk district in a predawn raid, according to the Saudi daily Arab News.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said a large quantity of weapons and explosives were found at the raided safe house. Officials did not say whether the people killed are on Saudi Arabia’s list of 36 most wanted terror suspects, which the Interior Ministry released last year.

Twenty-one people on that list still remain at large Arab News added.

Saudi authorities have been intensifying their efforts to pursue terrorists in the kingdom after two people, who are said to be affiliated with Al-Qa’ida, tried to bomb a large oil refining facility in Al-Buqaiq last Friday.

Saudi officials claim the attack was foiled, as the terrorists failed to enter the facility. The two assailants, who were on the list of 36 wanted people, were killed, along with two Saudi security guards.
The attack has sparked concerns of similar attacks on oil installations in the kingdom.

Al-Qa’ida claimed responsibility for the attack and warned that more attacks will follow.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said the probe into Friday’s attack helped locate the whereabouts of wanted men and the house in which they were living.

Al-Qa’ida has been launching attacks in Saudi Arabia against locals and foreigners, as well as financial interests, since May 2003 in order to undermine the monarchy. Saudi Arabia holds a quarter of the world’s proven oil reserves.