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Egypt: Heresy in the law school

A student at the law school of Cairo University has filed a lawsuit against the school demanding that they cancel their curriculum, since it contains material which implies there is more than one God, and which offends Islam. This was published in the London-based daily newspaper “A-Sharq Al-Awsat”.

The law school is one of the oldest schools in Cairo, and many Egyptian politicians and men-of-thought have studied there.

According to the prosecution, “The learning curriculum at the law school includes ideas of people who believe in ascribing accomplices to God, as well as people who are heretics, enemies of God and enemies of the religion. These people have killed us, they have robbed us of our land and desecrated our most holy sites. Among these are the ancient Greeks; the Romans who conquered Egypt and spread corruption; and the most recent – the French and the British.”

The administrative court of Egypt declared that the first hearing on the subject will take place January 10th.